Cleaning your devices

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, thinking about surfaces you touch often and how to keep them clean is on my mind. Apple recently updated their cleaning guidelines. The short story is, you can use certain disinfecting wipes on your devices. But you should use them rarely.

I’ll suggest these steps to improve your habits around using devices. Like a lot of the public health information going around, these are good habits to be using all the time:

  • Wash hands before using technology — tv remotes, game controllers, iPads, etc.
  • Clean devices regularly with a cloth
  • Don’t mix food and touchscreens

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

This place is amazing to me. I am not at a park when I’m here. I’m in Star Wars.

My iPhone transformed into a Datapad. I hacked into a landspeeder and heard it’s engines rev up. I hacked an X-Wing and heard it bleep and bloop and sputter, while the lights flash. I hacked an A-Wing and it revved so loud it drew a crowd. I hacked the Millennium Falcon and made bursts of air come down underneath it.

I am so impressed with all the little details of this land. I could spend an hour in each space, taking in the nods to moments of films and shows and more.

A rebel with blue-tipped hair walked past me, coolly nodding, headed straight for trouble on the First Order side of the Spire. I wanted to follow and see where her story goes next.

til the spire

Updated Maps on Apple Devices

Apple updated their maps across the United States today. You’ll be able to see more details with outlines of buildings on the Map view, and some more terrain applied in 3D.

I was impressed to see a lot of detail carved out in my own house, and I’m excited to try out directions to see if how pedestrian directions have been improved.

My kids love looking at maps and I’m excited to see what new details they find after this update.

Magic Kingdom Park with 3D building outlines

DoubleTake app

This app is a great free app for using two of your iPhone cameras at the same time.

First: this only works with some of the newest iPhones: Xs, Xr, 11, 11 Pro — and the Max varieties.

I’ve played around with it a bit and am excited about using this for:

  • Quick demo videos to capture a selfie camera at the same time as what’s in front of me at the same time
  • Wide and detail views using different cameras

This app is free. The catch is, it includes a button linking to Filmic’s pro camera app (currently $15) with more full-featured multi-camera functionality.

One thing to be safer online

Use a different password for every account.

If you are using the same password, or obvious variations of the same password, on each site you login to, then your password is only as safe as the site that gets hacked next.

If you use only Apple devices, then iCloud Keychain does a great job of suggesting good passwords and storing them securely for you.

Once you are ready for a little more — like sharing some passwords between members of your family automatically, I recommend a good password manager, like 1Password or LastPass. These tools will help you manage changing your passwords regularly, inform you when a password is leaked, and more.