Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

This place is amazing to me. I am not at a park when I’m here. I’m in Star Wars.

My iPhone transformed into a Datapad. I hacked into a landspeeder and heard it’s engines rev up. I hacked an X-Wing and heard it bleep and bloop and sputter, while the lights flash. I hacked an A-Wing and it revved so loud it drew a crowd. I hacked the Millennium Falcon and made bursts of air come down underneath it.

I am so impressed with all the little details of this land. I could spend an hour in each space, taking in the nods to moments of films and shows and more.

A rebel with blue-tipped hair walked past me, coolly nodding, headed straight for trouble on the First Order side of the Spire. I wanted to follow and see where her story goes next.

til the spire